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Unique Value of Aqua Millenium

Unique value and offer in the industry such as being the only company in Hong Kong that specialized in lobster technology aquaculture farming and the only one certified and accredited by the Hong Kong Government and supported by the Hong Kong Sustainable Fishery Development Fund. Our patents and proprietary technology, research and innovations set us apart from the others in the industry.


The Only "Professional Lobster Aqua-Culturing Education Centre".

We have established the first and the only "Professional Lobster Aqua-culture Education Centre" in Hong Kong for education, development and to promote sustainable practices.



The collaboration with different corporates for education initiatives and training projects. We conduct seminars for schools to promote green economy, green aqua culture, and sustainable development, provide STEM courses for students, and provide opportunities for learning and practice for the younger generation and the fishery industry.


Corporate Partnership

Corporate partners working with us lead to circular economy apart from their competitors and positions them as pioneer leaders in sustainable experiences and benefit from being early adopters and partners in Aqua Millenium's growth journey. Exploring new market trends and introducing innovative aquaculture technologies. Can assure the customers of the origin and quality of the lobsters they serve, building trust and loyalty. Positive impact on relationship with stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors.


Economy Contribution

Aquaculture provides sustainable food, reduces hunger and poverty, and enhances social and economic stability. With increasing global demand for seafood, a thriving lobster farming industry can generate export revenues, reduce dependence on wild-caught lobster populations, and contribute to a territory's balance of trade by providing locally farmed and environmentally friendly lobster options. And enhance economic value by increasing customer satisfaction, brand reputation and improving ESG and SDGs performance. The market demand for sustainably sourced and locally farmed seafood, especially lobsters, continues to grow. As a technological aquaculture compnay in primary sector, collaberation with corporate partners will definitely boost the economic growth and achieve a win-win situation.


Community Benefits

Our social responsibility initiatives, such as supporting local communities, We provide job opportunities for people ranging from the IT professionals and marketing elites to grassroots class and contribute to environmental conservation. Actively engages with the local community through various initiatives, such as guided tours of schools and associations, educational programs, and partnerships with local corporates. These activities contribute to community welfare, creating a positive social impact together. Fostering a positive impact on the community and making Hong Kong a better home for everyone.


Marine Environment Protection

We protect the marine environment through responsible aqua culture practices. Highlight the importance of preserving biodiversity, reducing pollution, and do our best mitigating the impact of climate change. Sustainable farming practices and their positive impact on the environment. Eco-friendly initiatives employed by the company, such as energy-efficient farming systems, waste management strategies, or water conservation measures.


Food Security

Sustainable lobster farming can contribute to food supply by providing with consistent and reliable high-quality seafood. High demand has led to large-scale fishing of wild lobsters, causing increasing pressure on the ecological environment and lobster populations. Aquaculture can solve and satisfy growing demand for lobster without further depleting natural stocks. This ensures a stable food supply, reduces the need for imports, and more importantly supports local food production.


Sustainable and Nutritional Food

We provide access to sustainable and nutritious food for the community. Strict quality control measures throughout the lobster farming process. Quality assurance standards that the company has achieved, such as food safety certifications, food traceability and transparency in the lobster farming process. Benefits of consuming sustainably farmed lobsters, there are countless benefits, such as high protein, low fat content, essential amino acids for the human body, various trace elements and natural antioxidant astaxanthin, etc