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Our Product Excellence

We provide our customers with innovative and convenient seafood. From our self-owned farm → to self-owned food factory → to serving table, every process of production can be traced and monitored. Our products are good for the customers in the following ways. 

(1) Food safety and certification:

• Our fish farm has been certified as “High Quality Sustainable Seafood Farmer”, and is accredited by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) of Hong Kong. Our certification and accreditation can ensure our products are in line with international standards.  

• The seafood from our sea farm is sustainable and has been recognized and accredited by both AFCD and WWF. 

• The sea water is also regularly checked and tested, 

• The feed has reached ISO22000 standard. 

(2) "Three Zeros Standard" 

• Zero heavy metals, zero malachite green, zero drug residues, excellent environmental water quality.

• Our products are without any growth hormone or any harmful substances. 

(3) Hygiene

• All fishes are gutted, with scales removed, and are cleaned completely. After vacuum packaging, the fish will go for Individual Quick Freezing (IQF). The IQF will make the thickest part of the fish reaching -45 C in a very short time, so as to crystallize the meat cells of the fish.

• IQF not only can maintain the fleshy and umami taste of the fish, but is also a process of sterilizing and killing bacteria. As bacteria cannot survive under extremely low temperature, IQF fish can have an edible shelf life of up to one year. 

(4) Fresh and delicious

• The fresh taste of the IQF fish is comparable with that of a live fish.

• All IQF fishes are made from live fishes.

• The feed is rich in fish-oil, to make the fish healthy and tasty.

(5) Convenience

• Our product greatly reduce the work process of gutting and hence, saving the time cost.

• Our product also saves the time to look for fishes in the fish market.

• The IQF products have a shelf life when stored in freezer (It can be kept and be ready to be cooked within one year, which is the officially announced edible shelf life). 


(6) Standardized seafood

• The fish to be supplied for each restaurant branch can be standardized in terms of specifications and the way of handling it. 

• The traditional way of keeping the fish meat is keeping them in the general freezer. It will take quite a long time to make the meat frozen, the frozen fish meat will end up losing its original fresh taste after thawing, and would also be dented and blackened.

• Problems of this kind can be avoided by IQF rapid freezing. IQF leads the temperature of the meat drop rapidly, making the ice-crystal-like cell molecules inside the meat become small enough to be evenly distributed. The cell tissues will not be damaged and therefore be kept intact. 

• While retaining the original composition and nutrition, the meat quality and umami taste of the food can also be maintained.

      The traditional way of using the general freezer would have the cell tissues of the meat damaged after thawing, losing lots of water, whereas Individual-Quick-Freezing (IQF) seafood, the cells of the meat protected by crystallization, with the meat is able to keep its original fresh taste intact after thawing.