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Shelf Life

Shelf Life

We do not use preservatives to treat seafood, and the best before date is based on government guidelines : seafood treated with IQF low-temperature quick-freezing technology has a one-year shelf life. But we recommend to consume it as soon as possible in order to enjoy the best quality of the food.

IQF is Individual Quick Freezing. The seafood can be kept fresh if it has proceeded IQF. There are two requirements in this technology: fast and low temperature. The quick freezing of our products in the production process reaches a low temperature of -45C within a short period of time. Household customer is suggested to keep the seafood in the frozen rack of the ordinary household refrigerator. The seafood has a shelf life of up to one year if it has not ever been defrosted in between. 

Traditionally, when the meat is frozen in general freezer, it is often found that it loses their original fresh taste after thawing, and the appearance is dented and blackened. These problems can be avoided by IQF rapid freezing. The temperature of the meat will drop rapidly by IQF,  making the ice-crystal-like molecules inside the meat small enough and evenly distributed. The cell tissues will not be damaged and therefore be kept intact. While retaining the original molecule composition and nutrition, the meat quality and umami taste of the food can still be maintained.

Thawing is very simple before cooking, just put the whole seafood pack in the sink filled with tap water for 30-60 mins, then you can cook it when the seafood becomes soft.