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Brand Story of Aqua Millenium

Aqua Millenium has self-owned 《Marine Water Fish and Lobster Farm》in Hong Kong and self-owned 《Quasi ISO22000 and HACCP Food Factory》to provide compliant, healthy and quality seafood and food ingredients for customers.

We are honored our lobster farming has been recognized so as to be funded and supported by Hong Kong Government Fund SFDF. We have setup the first and the only one "Professional Lobster Farming Education Centre" in Hong Kong and educated the fishermen the farming knowledge and techniques. We encourage the local farmers to farm lobster and to promote this high-quality lobster to the public. Eventually, we can have a recognized characteristic fishery product in Hong Kong - which is our "local lobster".


1. Self-owned 《Quasi-ISO22000 and HACCP Fish and Lobster Farmin Hong Kong

Our farm is locating in Yung Shue O, Sai Kung and have a size of few ten thousand square feet which is currently under the assessment of ISO22000 and HACCP. The farm is specialized for sea water farming and mainly focusing on local lobster farming. Not only the farm itself has been accredited, but the seafood and environment seawater are also accredited by the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department as "Quality Sustainable Seafood", which is along with international standards.

We have also been assessed by the World Wide Fund (WWF), and our farm and seafood is recognized to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Aqua Millenium will become one of the very few seafood farms to reach ISO22000 and HACCP standards, all is to let our customers enjoy our seafood.

Quality Marine Water Fish and Lobster Farm



2. Self-owned 《Quasi-ISO22000 and HACCP Food Factory》in Hong Kong

Our food factory locating at Fotan Hong Kong, which is also currently under the assessment of ISO22000 and HACCP. With the factory self-owned, we have greater flexibility in producing a variety of raw food for our customers, or has it been pre-cooked or cooked, and even sashimi. Our products are not only safe and hygienic, and with seafood prepared as ready-to-eat soups, congee and sauces, they are also convenient to be consumed. To safeguard the health of people, our seafood must be made healthy for them to eat. We believe that it is only under this philosophy that the busy urbanites can enjoy our food.

Self-owned food factory



3. From farm to table 

High-quality seafood is first selected from our own farm, and then prepared in our food factory. The products will be supplied to the F&B catering, including 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants. We serve door-to-door delivery for family users. They just simply do the ordering from our online shop, the food will be delivered to them directly. We truly achieve the name of being “from farm to table”.



4. Our Culture Farming philosophy

Around us, too much of our food contains antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. Seeing that these harmful substances are having a far-reaching impact on human bodies, especially on children, ten years ago, we started cultivating and farming seafood from seedlings. We study carefully ecology of individual sea creatures and the food chain they ingest, to make sure that they are living in a natural environment and are growing healthily. Our research has included a variety of fishes, lobsters, white shrimp, seahorses, crabs, sea eels, Taiwan abalone, etc. Our study not only covers their breeding, but also includes factors like feasibility of their hatching and reproduction, and whether they are suitable for growth in Hong Kong's waters. 



5. Features of our products 

A special feature is to make our products easy for cooking. To achieve this, we have gutted and scaled all seafood, which is the most difficult part if handled by customers. Moreover, to maintain the quality and umami of the seafood and nutrition, we do vacuum packaging and individual quick freezing (IQF). Importantly, our IQF seafood is all without preservatives added, and can have a "Shelf Life" of 1 year

Our Product Excellence



Culture Farming


1. Local-farmed Seafood

We have lobster, rabbitfish, pompano, white croaker, Sabah giant grouper and orbicular batfish.

We are the first to farm and develop lobster on a large scale in Hong Kong. We have also established the first and only Lobster Culture Farming Centre in Hong Kong, and promoted this delicious and low-carbon local high-quality lobster to the catering industry and the general public.



2. "Seafood Quality Standard"

Accredited by AFFS which is for the seafood and sea water quality monitoring.

  • Zero heavy metals
  • Zero malachite green
  • Zero drug residues
  • Zero hormone added
  • Zero antibiotics
  • Zero artificial colourings 
  • Zero additives
  • Zero preservatives added



3. Quality Feed does Matter

The meat quality and taste will be much better after taking the nutrient feed. Our fishes whether it Just gient grouper to pompano, or even the rabbitfish are only taking ISO22000 grouper-specialized pellet feed. The feed is not only hygienic and clean but also rich in fish oil and balanced plant and animal protein. The nutrients are good enough for their whole life cycle. Our philosophy is that fish can only be good if they are fed natural and healthy food like people. So people can only be healthy if their diet includes this good fish.

We have a unique farming technique for lobsters. We provide  a variety of food for feeding, all of which are natural and healthy feeds. Just like human food, we need to eat different foods to absorb different proteins and vitamins.



4. Start with fish fry and lobster juveniles

Our professional team will breed and hatch the fish fry in our farm, alternatively we will select high-quality fish fry and lobster juveniles from all over the world to ensure the quality of seafood.


Successfully hatch pompano fry - part 1 

Successfully hatch pompano fry - part 2 

Successfully hatch pompano fry - part 3 



5. Natural Sea Water 

We use natural sea water for the seafood farming, so that our seafood can grow healthily and taste excellent.



6. Professional Technology

Our farm adopts new technology and equipment, and we cooperate with the Ocean Science and Aquaculture Departments of the Universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as internationally renowned lobster expert for the farming development studies and researches. We closely monitor the water and seafood quality to in line with the international standard. We share excellent and efficient methods of cultivating various seafood.